Tesla Model 3/Y intrument cluster

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by Voolure
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We all know that the instrument panel in the Tesla Model 3 is an issue. A very real and tangible issue. For most of us at least. Now, it's getting better with Voolure as some critical elements of the dashboard are being released for an after-market solution. Only for 599 USD, Nope, we are not kidding. It's the Voolure. Our instrument panel solution for the Tesla Model 3 is an awesome solution to an annoying problem.

It's a sleeker, more intricate and technological design. Not to mention the features are super cool! Compared to the current Model 3 instrument panel it is much better. Tesla should have done it this way from the start

-Safety driving, keep your eyes ahead, avoid the danger of drivers looking down at the dashboard.
-Plug and Play, Easy to install, no need cut or modify wires.
-Display Information:

  • Charging status: Prepare charge, Charging, Charge Complete, Stop Charge, Lack electricity. Power charge and output status
  • Direction light
  • High beam/low beam
  • Car mode
  • Power status
  • Gear status
  • ODO data
  • Speed
  • Speed limit
  • Total Mileage
  • Autobrake
  • Turn Signal
  • Range reminder
Real-time Alarms: Over-Speed, Power Level, Battery Charging Status ...