Tesla 3/Y navigation screen protector

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by Voolure
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Your Tesla Model 3 and Y is a work of art. Don't let it get scratched or damaged by those nasty keys, coins and other stuff that you carry in your pocket every day. Keep your Tesla Model 3's screen protector intact with a Voolure screen protector today!

No matter how much you try to be careful, accidents happen.

Prevent it now


- No need to trim the edges, as it is compatible with for Tesla Model 3/Y.
- Installing the screen cover will not affect the color icon size and touch screen capabilities of your GPS display.
- To keep your navigation screen protector clear and dust-free, simply wipe with a microfiber cloth. No need to use harmful Cleaning substances.
- Layered with an oleophobic coating that repels oil left from your fingerprints and adds an additional smoothness to the navigating screen.

229.2 x 349.99mm(15inch)/ 225.7x362.7mm(17inch)